Incredibly Heartwarming Norcross Atrium Wedding by Ross Oscar Knight

Monday, June 27, 2011

David and Shaundra @ The Norcross Atrium

Yesterday, my friends whom I love honored me with being their wedding photographer. Its been a long time coming but they made it to the most important day of their lives. This photo says a million words and tells countless stories. Photography is so much more to me than taking an actual photograph. Its the hearing, learning, seeing, connecting, reliving, and ability to cherish moments forever. Cheers my friends.

If you missed the Engagement Session: Click Here

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Shayla Jay said...

This is such a beautiful picture. You captured so much emotion. I wanna be like you when I grow up --- you make photography look so easy! I'm still getting used to my Nikon. It took forever to get one good shot of a handbag to put on my blog today!

Darcita said...

WOW!!! Can you feel the heat!! Absolutely breathtaking~
@Shayla Jay ..Nikons are great!! I love mine.. you will get the hang of it!