Six Degrees of Separation Downtown Atlanta Engagement Session by Ross Oscar Knight

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Corey and Shantell @ Downtown ATL

I was blessed to meet Corey and Shantell this morning for their engagement session. I found out that Corey jokingly asked Shantell to marry him after their first date. Now the two will be tying the knot in May! We learned about our six degrees of separation through friends and other interests. Like me, Shantell went after her dreams and is now in a career that she loves. Corey is a dapper fella that taught me a thing or two about playing chess. I'm not sure who laughed more while we were shooting, them or me. Look out for the wedding in a few months.

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Summer McLane said...

This seriously makes me so much more excited than I thought I could be! Can't wait for May!