Server Space - Over 11 million hits!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hello everyone. I have received numerous emails about a few of the slide shows not loading. The reason is because the server cannot keep up with the number of people viewing the show at the same time. Every time someone closes one of the shows, there is someone else that is able to view it.

Yesterday, we had about 150,000 people online at one time!!! This is a blessing! At the same time I am looking into unlimited server space options.

Stay tuned for more info soon.




Anonymous said...

Mr. Knight the photo slide show is awsome. The song was so meaningful, and I think it enhanced the LOVE that was captured through the pictures. (What is the name and artist of the song?)

KNIGHT said...

"How Deeply I Need You" by Shekinah Glory

Anonymous said...

No Mr. Knight YOU ARE A BLESSING!!! I'm going through a lifestyle change. I'm about to get an MBA and I'm in the process of getting rid of baggage that has been holding me down for years. All week I have been getting inspiring emails about living life to the fullest, chasing my dreams, etc. I've been dreaming of ATL for years! I got this email today and I was in tears and I realized I've been wasting precious years of my life. Anyway when I read you were from ATL I started crying all over again and when I scrolled down to the post about dreams I realized God was talking to me through you! So thanks for the additional inspiration for today and I'll see you in ATL! I may hire you to film my move and the beginning of my God chosen life! Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

I thank God for showing up & expressing through you as you. The Gray engagement vido was incredible. I have yet to find a word that would adequately express the joy I felt viewing [witnessing] the God directed vision and expression of pure love. You are truly expressing your God inspired gifts in a unique & magnificient way. I will keep you lifted in prayer thereby allowing you to focus on everything GOOD. May you stay in the palms & protection of the Creator [Mother Father God Blessed Holy Spirit]. WOW!

SerenityLife said...

Although you are in Atlanta, I am so going to fly you here to NYC or I will come down there when I need some professional shots done. You have "it" and I know you know how to do lighting for culturally diverse people!

I don't want to look ashy! =P

I even ordered the CD by the gospel group. That is how I moved I was by your product!

I hope you get some serious business from this because I am totally convinced that you have skillz that kill!

Anonymous said...

You are very talented. Your so blessed. I hope everyone can see this inspirational piece of art.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Indeed! I cried each time I watched. ROK, You are a work of art, an expression of love, unity, divinity, At-One-Ment!(Whenever you're in the Baltimore/Washington area, could you please come "shoot" me?:)
Rob and Keisha, you asked to express this love before time was. I wish you and your seed more of the same! Thanks for your contribution to the Universal shift of Christ-consciousness, and the evolution of Man-Womankind. Can't you feel it? Take Dominion! T Tonya