Introducing Ms. Tamara Jonah

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hey folks. I am still shooting out in Las Vegas for a few days. It's been hard to get a good internet connection at some of these hotels. I am having a great time, despite the mild food poisoning and losing my cell phone (more on that later)!

On to more pleasant things. Before I left Atlanta, I had a photo shoot with Tamara Jonah. Tamara is a model/entrepreneur from Ghana. She will be celebrating her 25th birthday in Atlanta during the month of July. Tamara's company is called Lionheart and focuses on Real Estate Development, African Tours, and Special Events.

Check out a few of the photos below...

Photographer Assistant:
Brandi Brandon
ROK Photo

Daneill L. Watson
White Diamond Image Consulting

Make up:
Marlana Grantham



Fatima said...

I LOVE the yellow pumps. Hot. The photos really capture her youth and vibrance. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Wow if you hadn't told us her age, I'd thought she was a lot older......

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!,make-up on piont...Ross your work speaks for itself.

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures!