Signs Anyone?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Earlier this month we had a roll call to represent your city, state, or country to let us all know why we should visit. I don't know about you but now I have some pretty exciting places to check out when I travel!

Here's another idea. It's called "Random Signs." Every day we all see interesting things, right? Well take a picture!!! Just remember for this blog entry we are focusing on signs. While you are out during the day (night owls for some of you!) make sure to keep your camera handy. Send the pictures to

I will post the pictures (please keep size under 200K) to my blog with a photo credit to you. Make sure to include the following information:

Name: John/Jane Doe
Location: City, State
Why you find your sign interesting?
What you were doing when you found your sign?

Here's mine:


Location: Atlanta, GA

Why you find your sign interesting? Everything was closed around this restaurant, literally. Construction crews were tearing everything down around the restaurant and I saw this sign. I couldn't even find a place to park! That's when your bike come in handy!!

What you were doing when you found your sign? Going to eat breakfast (my favorite meal)!

Name: A.Hope Smith

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Why you find your sign interesting? This was the name of a Bar in The Fan District and their phone number even looked like a UPC code.

What you were doing when you found your sign. I went out to a shoot an evening picture of the Richmond Police Station Sculpture I'd been trying to get for 2 days.
The Officer Head Sculpture hangs on the side of the building.
I needed to wait til sundown about 8 pm to get the shot so there was no glare from the sun. That's when I came across the "barcode" sign.

Name: A.Hope Smith

Location: Richmond VA

Why you find your sign interesting?
Driving past this place, it really looks like a Chinese Restaurant...until you read the fine print. It turn out to be a used book store. See trick signs below.

What you were doing when you found your sign? Feeling hungry on the way back from
shooting the Police Sculpture pic, I was looking for a place to stop and get something to go. Well, when you park your car and walk to the front door, you are greeted by another sign that says: "USED BOOKS, NOT EGG ROLLS". It tricked me, but good! I snapped both pictures and was so glad I had my camera with me! It was sooo funny! I thought it odd that there was no long line.


Arlene Hope Photography said...

I sent in a few signs.

"Barcode" and "Chinese".... Not!
LOL, I'm still laughing at that Sign.
Hope you all enjoy it when Ross posts them.