The Teletubbies Won Me Over....!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

This morning my assistant and I were on a top secret assignment: Get Evelyn to smile and take some great pictures with her grandparents.


- approx. 12 months old
- 20 lbs
- brown hair
- brown eyes
- teletubbies fanatic
- recently had her first nose run

- 83 yrs old
- used to run his own fishing business in New Jersey
- ran the Peachtree Road Race 3 years ago!
- walks every day
- in better shape than you!

- age: never tell a woman's age
- immigrated from Ireland 40+ years ago
- loves Bradley Beach, NJ
- sharp as a tack
- pretty eyes
- can quiet a baby with one look

Armed with this info we were off to Candler Park/Freedom Trail. When we reached the house Mom (we'll refer to her as Lady M) was on her way out the door to work. I had to find a quick distraction for Evelyn. That's when I discovered that my assistant's Santa hat had lost its magic. So it was on to plan B, fruit. Success at last! Evelyn loves lemons, limes, and bananas. Thank the heavens up above, the kitchen was stocked full of 'em.

O.K. I could keep on like this but I will tell you how the rest of the day really went down. If you know anything about my childhood, I grew up with 6 siblings. 5 sisters and 1 brother. If you add my mom, that makes 6 women in one house!!!

Evelyn went through more emotions in two hours than I saw 6 women go through in 10 years! However, I'm glad to say that our mission was accomplished. See for yourself below. Well, actually Evelyn accomplished her mission. By the end of the shoot she had me watching her daily colorful "pick me up." The Teletubbies won me over! We were all ready for a nap after this one.

Evelyn - You're a ROCK STAR!!!

The END.




Aspiring_______ said...

absolutely beautiful :o) i love the last photo

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The hand-in-hand shot speaks volumes...and RK, it was nice of the little lady to allow you in her close up ;-)

The Re-inventing of C. said...

She is so cute! The first and second pictures are my favorites. She is showing a lot of personality in those. Beautiful pictures! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

What a doll...and to think...she'll be a Red Sox fan. How can it get better? :)

Unknown said...

You're a Natural, looks like you might be ready for fatherhood...

Anonymous said...

she has personality for days... the photos are amazing...