(Re-post) Represent Your City, State, Country - Why Should We Come Visit??!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've had the pleasure to travel throughout most of the U.S. over the past 5 years and have found something unique (or not) about every place I have visited. Now I am tackling countries outside of the U.S. one by one.

So I thought I would give all of my blog readers the chance to plead your case as to why you love (or despise...) where you currently live?! I'd like to hear about places near your place of residence that are a "must see" or "must do."

I'll start with the first post...



KNIGHT said...

City: Atlanta (ATL)

State: Georgia

The Good: Southern Hospitality (well at least most of the time)/Airport

The Bad: Pollution/Public Transportation

Must See:
Vaknin Art Gallery
Morehouse/Spelman College
Laced Up
Castleberry Hill (Arts and Entertainment)
Little 5 Points
East Atlanta Strip (not club - the shops and new eateries)
Chateau Elan Winery
Peachtree St (also bvd, ave, way, west, pkwy, industrial..good luck!)
MLK Memorial
Midtown Growing
The Big Chicken
Marietta Square
500 Walmart's

Must Do:(in no particular order)
Thumbs Up Diner
Rathbun's (now they have a great steak place too!!)
Pacific Kitchen
Perk Coffee
West Egg
Blue Coyote (can you tell I love breakfast)
Ozone (#1 place to work and return emails)
Candler Park
Piedmont Park
Atlantic Station (on occasion)
Dad's Garage
7 Stages Theater
14th Street Playhouse
Carrol St Cafe (Cabbage Town)
Harlem Bar
Chocolate Pink
Cafe' Intermezzo (an oldie but a goodie)
Rocky Mountain Pizza
6 Feet Under (the new one w/ free internet!)
JCT Kitchen
The View
Wind Down Wednesdays at Centennial Olympic
Screen on the Green
Downtown Decatur

OK I could go on and on...but you catch my drift. If you are ever in need of suggestions of a place to go or eat, send me a quick email. I am still discovering great things about Atlanta. By the way...none of these places paid me to put this info up. If they did I would have added a link...so google will be your best friend here! I have a shoot a 9 AM so I'm turning in for the night! Good night!

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia, PA

A very historic and photogenic area.

Your camera lens will love it and probably drop a tear when you leave.

Places to visit and shoot:

Olde City Philadelphia-cobblestone streets, Betsy Ross's house, some of the country's oldest architecture...oh I could go on...no you visit!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art- at the end of the Ben Franklin Parkway, just getting there is beautiful, come on... Rocky's statue is right outside.

South Street-one of the most complicated humanoid dwelling places you may encounter-- everything lives here, some good, some bad, some beautiful, some down right weird, but nice to walk through...or run through if you're game.


Eakins Oval, Washington Square, Boathouse row.

City Hall, Penns Landing, Historic Trolley Tours, Franklin Square

My opinion: Some people, not all, are a little funky here 'demeanor-wise' not body odor, but hey it's just a visit right? Trust me, I'm one of them.

Anonymous said...

...just to add to Philadelphia, I found my soulmate here and your craft shows how love is eternal maybe you can catch a gimpse of that energy here like I have. Blessings to your work always.

Anonymous said...


The Good:
A smile, a hug and a wave for everyone.

Places to see:
Space and Rocket Center
Civil Rights Museum
Bridge Street
Big Spring Park
The Summit
Gulf Shores
Rhyme Spot
Huntsville Museum of Arts
Birmingham Museum of Arts
Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
Huntsville/Birmingham Botanical Garden
1852 Battle House Hotel (Beautiful!!)
Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
Birmingham Barons
Cathedral Caverns
Jesse Owens Memorial Park
16th Street Baptist Church (Birmingham)

stay tuned for many more spots. Alabama is growing every second..!!!

Places to eat:
The Welcome Table-Huntsville (a must)
Dreamland Bar-B-Que
Grill 29
Blue Plate Cafe
Tims Cajun Kitchen
Rosie's Mexican Cantina
Ricatoni's Italian
Simp McGhees
Mama Fu's
Curry in a Hurry
Mama's Cookin'
Soul Burger
The neighbor's backyard BarBQue :)

Ivan McK said...

City: Detroit (Motown/The "D"/313)

State: Michigan

The Good: It's up-an-coming (despite it's 40-yr journey)

The Bad: It's up-and-coming (for 40 yrs!!!); transportation (or lack thereof)

Must See:
Fox Theatre
Youth Mosaic Theatre
Detroit Institue of Arts
The *NEW* Riverwalk Downtown (very nice)
Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History

Must Do:
Coach Insignia
Downtown Birmingham (nice suburb)
Campus Martius
Detroit Breakfast House & Grill
Seldom Blues
Motown Soul Food Café(formerly the Grand City Grille) - I like to eat :-)
Somerset Collection
Bob's Classic Kicks
The Vestry (flashy men's wear)
The Orignal Pancake House
First Friday's @ the Upper Room
The Majestic
Pizza Papalis!!!

I don't do clubs, but there are plenty and of course, there are the casinos - so there is an ever-increasing amount to do & see in The D!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm addicted to your website...I love it!!!

Now for the exercise....I live in Birmingham, Alabama. While traveling people ask where i'm from and when i say where they get this look like do you still sit in the back of the bus...are you a share cropper??? And it really puzzles me...i just reply to the look with you should come visit sometime. Alabama is a beautiful state and Birmingham is a beautiful city, we have our issues just as any other city but it's nice here and the cost of living is amazingly low...So check us out

Must See:
Civil Rights Museum
16th Street Baptist Church
Kelly Ingram Park
Linn Park
Birmingham Museum of Art
City Stages (Father's Day Weekend)
Heritage Festival
4th Ave Hist Business District
Botanical Gardens
Vulcan Park
Five Points South
Zoo Light Safari (During Christmas)
Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

Must Do:
Al's Deli and Grill (Prefer the southside location)
Green Acres (Best Chicken, downtown location)
Blue Monkey
Bright Star
Safari Cup Coffee & Gallery
BBQ-Bob Sykes, Johnny Ray's, Jim & Nicks, Full Moon (Southside location)
Johnny Ray's (Best Lemon Pie in the World!!!)
Fat Sam's
Little Island Cafe
Amani Raha (Martini Bar)
Midnight Sushi at Sakuri

Ok I guess that's enough free advertising...but bottom line is Birimingham should be visited. Of course I left out some places and eateries but Birmingham is really a diverse city full of history and culture. Oh and Ross have you ever been to Arpe Diem across from Piedmont Park...it's my favorite resturant in ATL....

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago. Do I need to tell you about the fabulous architecture? The skyline is without comparison especially from the lakefront (Sears Tower, Hancock). The energy and beauty of our neighborhoods: Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Beverly, streets/homes on Midway Park. Downtown Chicago is a photo shoot all by itself (Rush Street, holla). The stadiums: Wrigley, the former Comiskey Park, Soldiers Field, the United Center. The Taste of Chicago from June 29th thru July 8th would make a crazy photography porfolio, or during a concert outside the Charter One Northerly Island Pavillion. (And if you found yourself missing home, we got some digs reminiscent of Atlanta or Savannah: Suburban Oak Park). Do check us out.

The Re-inventing of C. said...

I'm from Chattanooga, TN originally and everything about the city is scenic. Downtown is my favorite area. The Riverfront is beautiful! I love driving around the city, we are surrounded by mountains and rivers.

I don't eat out as much when I am home so if you are looking for the best food, you have to come to my mom's house but a good substitute would be Haven's Restaurant. They have the best soul food! My uncles have a good bar-b-que spot, J's Bar-b-que but honestly I had better in Kansas City but don't tell my uncles!

Entertainment - We are slow in the entertainment area in my opinion. My advice would be to catch a movie and head for some ice cream near the river. Sometimes they have local jazz bands featured downtown. O I almost forgot about the aquarium. I'm not a fan but it is nice. :)

Chattanooga is a slow town but it is beautiful. I never fully appreciated it until I left. I love Atlanta and I am still discovering more things that I love. I think your list covered some of my favorite spots plus a few new ones I need to check out. I do miss having a body of water near me. Even if it was a body of water I would NEVER swim in.

Aspiring_______ said...

Virginia: great history, great architecture and naturally scenic. Just celebrated 400th birthday with a visit from the Queen of England. A lot of historic areas are undergoing renovation in Richmond.

Southern hospitality thrives in most areas (areas outside of DC not included).

Must see (mostly in Richmond):
Maymont Park (Italian Garden and Japanese Garden especially)
Lewis Botanical Gardens
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Byrd Theater (shown movies since 1928)
Carytown (lots of shops and eateries)
Shockoe Slip and Shockoe Bottom (known for eclectic nightlife and good food!)
Shenandoah National Park
University of Virginia in Charlottesville
College of William and Mary in Williamsburg
Skyline Drive in the Fall
Black History Museum
Maggie Walker House
Edgar Allen Poe Museum
Tangier Island (the people still speak with a British accent!)
Wineries all over
Ukrops (locally owned grocery store chain)
Tons of Walmarts and Targets (my fav)

Must do:
First Fridays Artwalk (free admittance to art galleries downtown)
2nd Street Festival
Firehouse Theater Poetry Slam
Taste of India in Summer
Folk Festival in Fall
Virginia Film Festival
Asian Festival in May

Places to eat (in Richmond):
Hidden Treasures
Twenty Seven
Jean Jacque’s Bakery in Carytown
Chez Foushee
Croaker Spot
Ma Muusuu’s
Jamaica House
Bottom’s Up Pizza
River City Dinner
Café Gutenberg
Buz and Ned’s for great ribs and bbq
And plenty others!

Charlottesville, NOVA (Northern Virginia), Virginia Beach as well as some other cities also have plenty to offer!

We'd love to have you visit. :o)

Anonymous said...

You are my new best friend...as my new best friend, I would love to have you come visit Gainesville, FL when I move there next month. It is a beautiful, sleepy little town with nice restaurants, conservation, and tree-lined streets (aside from the UF students and Gator Nation fanatics).

Anonymous said...

Natchitoches, Louisiana
(pronounced NACK-uh-tush...you'll have to hear me say it to get it)

Do you believe in love at first sight (or visit)? Natchitoches will make you a believer!

The perfect escape from the fast-paced and hectic city/metropolitan lifestyle, Natchitoches is a gateway into the past - it is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase. Whether visiting for a weekend or a lifetime, it’s about rediscover living. From the historic sites to the friendly people, this small town is brimming with personality, interesting facts, culture, and LIFE!

OH, the food will leave you speechless and begging for more! Step away from the chain restaurant food and indulge in home-cooked, authentic, local delicacies.

The major drawback for shopping addicts is there no mall or major shopping facility. The nearest mall is 45 minutes.

This is truly a photographer’s heaven with countless opportunities to capture the essences of living from both the past and present.

I have lived here for 10 years, and have yet to visit all the sites, but here are some must see:

• Melrose Plantation (heard of Clementine Hunter?)
• Lasyonne’s Meat Pie Kitchen – (meat pie n. – a spicy, filled pastry; filled with seasoned ground beef)
• Sportsman’s Paradise – limitless outdoor & water activities
• Cane River National Heritage Area
• Alligator Park (don’t make fun of Louisiana!)
• Historic Plantations Tour
• Kisatchie National Forest
• Kate Chopin House (acclaimed 19th century American writer)

Other Tidbits:
- Natchitoches is known for the festival it holds each year – “Christmas Festival of Lights”, plus many other local festivals
- Bed and Breakfast Capital of Louisiana

Natchitoches is truly God's favorite place! I could go on & on, but you will have to come see for yourself!!!!!

Conner Financial Coaching said...

I love the D!! We are making it happen in Detroit!! Whether you are looking for culture, night life, networking or just a quiet
moment, we have it all!!

Good Eatz

Detroit Breakfast House & Grille
Beans and Cornbread – Southfield (Suburb)
Andiamos – I love Italian
Marios – okay more Italian
Must try a coney dog and chili cheese fries @ any Coney Island

Lo’ key Romantic Spot –
Mt. Elliot Park off Jefferson

Thingz 2 Do –

Eastern Market
Riverwalk – simply beautiful view
Chene Park
Majestic Café
Summer Festivals in Hart Plaza

Charles H. Wright Museum – Largest Afro-Am Museum in the world

The Upper Room- 2nd Sat. Comedy – hilarious

Campus Martius Park
Harmonie Park at night on the weekends in the summer – live

Take an early morning jog/ride/walk on Belle Isle

Karaoke @ Floods on Sundays – not meant to be comedy, but sometimes….


Anonymous said...

First of all, I've NEVER seen work so pure and beautiful! Your gift is definitely God given. I thonk you should photograph my hometown, what I call the "BIG City", Allendale, SC. I think it's a great place for you to take pictures because out of all the not so good, I'm sure you can find what is good.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you're ready for this. I wil try to keep this as short as possible, but it's going to be hard. Fasten your seatblet and prepare for take off.
The Bahamas is a must see. I just moved back home in 2005, after seven years of living in the U.S. At first I did not want to come home; Mississippi had grown on me. However, I'm glad I did.
I started to forget about our rich heritage and culture, our unspoiled beaches and breathtaking sites. For those of you who don't know, there are over 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas. Approximately 17 of these are inhabited. Most tourists visit Nassau (the capital), or Freeport, Grand Bahama.
However, islands such as Eleuthera offer horseback riding on its beautiful, pink, sandy shores. Then there's Exuma famous for its game fishing, Cat Island for its miles of unspoiled, untamed beaches and historical sites. Long Island, Abaco and Andros all offer something unique to the visitor. On every island you will no doubt feel the warmth of the people from the minute they open their mouths just to say welcome to the Bahamas and engage you in friendly conversation.
You will definitely not leave until you've heard the sounds and danced to the beat of the goat skinned drums, cowbells, whistles and horns, of our famous Junkanoo music. Oh, and let's not forget the food.
Conch is a delicacy enjoyed by Bhamians almost every day. You can eat it uncooked (conch salad), fried (cracked conch), soup (conch chowder) stewed (stew conch and johnnie cake), or even prepared in rice (conch & rice). This is just a tip of the icebrg. Believe me when I say the food is to die for.
Even Sunday morning chruch is a parade of fashion and color as the Bahamian woman prides herself on being beautifully adorned on Sunday morning with coordinating hat, purse, and shoes to complete her ensemble.
You could spend at least a year just combing through the sites of the 17 islands taht are inhabited. That's why people keep coming back. Because like the song says, "When you visit The Bahamas, once is just not enough. Even twice you don't see all a we stuff. Come back for some conch, peas & rice and guava duff. Cause when you visit The Bahamas once is just not enough." I could go on and on because there is so much that I could have mentioned, but I won't. You'll just have to come and see for yourself.
Well, that's all for now folks. I hope you've enjoyed the ride.

KNIGHT said...

Now if I could just get a wedding inquiry from the Bahamas, I could enjoy some of this great food!!! I'm waiting folks!


Anonymous said...

The !!!STL!!!

Ok let’s get the Arch out of the way... definitely get Arch ground pic's. Well that is not the only thing to see here in St. Louis!!!

There’s Downtown "Washington Loft & Nightlife" gorgeous w/ all the old building rehabbed into Lofts and Nightclubs’ it's very pretty...

Soulard Just south of "Downtown" very pretty Neighborhoods cobblestone streets... Very Pretty...!

OMG the Central West End it is definitely the place for Shopping, Arts, Eating, Ice Cream (Coffee Cartel open 24hrs), Hotels (The Chase Park Plaza), Nightlife (Posh, Club Viva, Sub Zero, Bar St. Louie). I could go on and on. I'm a little Partial that's my neighborhood.

University City (Nelly's Neighborhood) Extremely Multi cultural. Great everything in the U City Loop! You will see some of STL's Socialites to a Pretty Pink haired Girl.
U City is Awesome.

Clayton!!! All I can say is very Upscale, very Very Upscale! Everything Beautiful in Clayton, the Parks, the People, the Places to Live, Eat, Mingle and Shop. I'm a little partial here too ‘cause that's where I work.

I could go on and on about Chesterfield, Old St. Charles, but let me shut up and tell you again why you should definitely Visit St. Louis, MO
Well I think were Pic Worthy... TB

Anonymous said...


I think that you should pay a visit to Montana. I am not a big fan of Montana but there are some beautiful sites here that are just mind blowing. The sunrises and sunsets over and around the mountains and just the area in certain parts of the day are just beautiful. The drives in and through the mountains are remarkable. To watch the the rivers and creeks flow in, around and out of the mountains and land is so cool. It is truly a fresh breath of air here. Nature is truly a beautiful site here in Montana. They call this place Big Sky Country and it is just that. It is beautiful here now the culture is different but the sites make up what society here lacks.

Anonymous said...

It is a cold place with people with warm hearts. Beautiful treasures that many do not know exist. It is also where our country "started" and lots of parallels with the European cities.

Things to do:
Connecticut Freedom Trail
Amistad Foundation Exhibit
Fall Foliage Tours
Mohegan Casino (Absolutely gorgeous)
Sleding at the Capitol
Summer Outdoor Concerts
Visit Martha Stewart
Gilette Castle
Mystic Sea Aquarium

Life is a Promise not a Debt said...


That's a small country in Eastern Africa. Here you'll find, the wild Maasai Mara, the beautiful and scenic coast (from Mombasa to untamed Lamu, to the adventurous and notoriously touristy Malindi among others)...you will also find very old Swahili ruins e.g. Gedi and Jumba la Mtwana...breathtaking! Kenya is home to the second highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kenya which is wonderful to climb and a wonder to photograph.

In Kenya is where you find the famous maasai, the BIG Five (Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and Buffalo), and a host of other wild animals: Giraffe, Zebra, Gazelle, Antelope…the list is endless...there are game parks, countless beaches, great cultures and wonderful people.

We speak Swahili and English, we are friendly, easygoing and we love visitors. I could tell you more but you’d have to see it to believe it.

Rae said...

City: New Orleans

The Good: the people, the music and the food.

The bad: dirty politics and the levees are not sufficient to protect the city.

Must see:
-The French Quarters
-The River Walk
-The Garden District with its beautiful homes.
-Audubon Park
-City Park
-The Lakefront
-The Farmers Market in the French Quarters

Must Do:
-Have Coffee and Beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde
-Ride the street car
-Jog down St. Charles Avenue
Visit: Alex Patouts Louisiana Restaurant, Emeril's Restaurant, and K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen
-Have a Po-Boy from Mother's
-Have some crawfish
-Mardi Gras (Next year's date is 2/24/09)

New Orleans is a very romantic city with great architecture and extremely friendly people. You will love the jazz, the arts, the historic homes in the uptown area and did I mention the food? LOL

Xiomara said...

NEW YORK (The BIG Apple)

Things to do
Central Park
Prospect Park
Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
East & West Village, Soho, Noho
Times Square
Statue of Liberty
The Theatre District
Rockefeller Center &The top of the Rock
Harlem (Striver's Row)
South Street Seaport
Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Places to eat

Asia De Cuba
Spotted Pig
Blue Water Grill
Son Cubano
La Esquina
Harlem River Cafe
POP Burger

Just to name a few....but of course you know New York is the city that doesn't sleep!!

Anonymous said...


Country - United Kingdom

The good - Great sight seeing, old buildings, different culture

The Bad - Pollution
Hustle and bustle of the city Trains very small and always packed!
And of course the weather!!! rain, rain, and more rain!

Must see:
Covent Garden - the oldest part of london, and also great shopping area, and a big tourist attraction.
There are also tons of great theatres in Covent Garden

Southbank - take a stroll along the southbank, where you will find the big London Eye, which you can take a ride on for roughly £30 and when you get to the top of the wheel, you can see the whole of london (warning! not for those afraid of hights)
Along the Southbank, there is somthing for everyone, if your into skateboarding.. they have ramps there which are covered in the most amazing graffitti (popular place for photgraphers)
The famous big ben is just an eye shot away.
Along the Southbank you can find, jazz bands playing, break dancers doing there thing and even and african band.

Ladbroke Grove, Portobello Market - Great place where loads of budding designers show case their ranges, here you can find one off interesting items and are garenteed that no one else in the world would have it.
Ladbroke Grove is also famous for the annual carnival.

There are soo many places to go.. i will just list the rest.....

Trafalger Square
Oxford Circus
Leicester Square

Things to eat -

Now although London is famous for 'FISH & CHIPS' and 'TEA'
We do also have some REAL FOOD!.
No matter what you do in London, your travels will be meaningless if you do not visit the famous NANDO'S!!! I REPEAT NANDO'S!!! famous for their PERI PERI sauce
its the best chicken you will ever taste (yep, even better than your grandmothers)
Nando's is all over london but the best one to visit is the one in COVENT GARDEN!!!! with the beautiful decor!
Trust me!!! you will wana take some home!!!

Oh and another thing.... RIBENA! its a soft drink! i cant believe you guys in the US dont have Ribena!! i go through like 4 cartons a day! (the strawberry) so please... have some.

And last but of course not least... if you are here for the week... you must stop bye my church. Which is in South East London... 399 Rotherithe New Road, just off Old Kent Road :-)


Unknown said...

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Good: We are under the leadership of Mayor Mark Mallory. He is doing a fantastic job revitalizing our city and improving our image since the horrific riots of 2001.

The Not so Good: The Bengals and the Reds!

There is lots to do in Cincinnati but the 1 place I HIGHLY RECOMMEND any who visits us is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

This place is absolutely amazing and a must do. If you have a few hours or so to spare you will become entranced by the whole experience. There's tons to see and do but you will learn how our ancestors traveled from the south to cross the Ohio River into Cincinnati to ultimately reach Canada where slavery was abolished. Cincinnati was one of many underground railroads helping many enslaved African Americas escape to Freedom. You will learn how our ancestors traveled here on slave ships, how they were treated and the deplorable conditions they had to endure. You will see actual artifacts from centuries ago. Like there's an actual a replica of a slave pen where Slave Owners kept their slaves before they were sold at auctions.

I've gone many times and each time feels like a totally different experience. (Learn more at: http://www.freedomcenter.org)

Anonymous said...

Representing Washington, DC...
the good: HELLOOOOO it's DC need I say more...
the bad: HELLOOOOO it's DC need I say more...
there are your "normal" tourist places to visit, but may I suggest...
The Worf
Shrimp Boat
and of course
White House
Halocaust Museum

nickwah22 said...

I second CT, but make that New England as a whole. The colors are beautiful in the Fall. You can use it as a vacation, there are plenty of B&Bs up here.

Anonymous said...

City: Houston, TX

The Good: the people, the sites (before Hurricane IKE), the food and the football.

The bad: Hurricane IKE, any pro sports team in Houston, traffic, when HPD have their undercover stings on speeding tickets

Must see:
-Reliant Stadium
-Main Street nightlife
-The Heights, River Oaks, 3rd Ward with its beautiful old all brick or contemporary homes.
-Discovery Green Park-All Eco Friendly
-Hermann Park
-Rice University-just to take pictures or education too! LOL
-Texas Southern University Museum
-The Woodlands-lots of beautiful trees (outside of Houston)
-The Galleria for site seeing, shopping, or both
-The Houston Medical Center is one of the best in the world
-Museum district
-Rice Village (called The Village and check out Uncle Funky’s Daughter)
-Acres Homes……better yet all the Black neighborhoods here
-Project Row Houses in 3rd Ward
-Kemah boardwalk (Before Ike)
-Galveston (Before Ike)

Must Do:
-Catfish and Grits or Chicken and Waffles at The Breakfast Klub ……anything on the menu!
-Ride the Metro Rail
-Go to a fashion show at Houston Community College-Central (my alumnae): either Flash or Trash or the Annual Spring Show in May
Visit: Pappadeaux’s; Thelma’s or Burn’s Barbeque; Frenchy’s Chicken (it’s a must!); Barnaby’s; and too many more to name
-Have some authentic Texas barbeque before you leave
-Attend a high school game when a school is playing their rival (Games here are as big like college and pro games and some school districts have multimillion dollar complexes like Cy-Fair(short for Cypress-Fairbanks)i.e.: http://www.berrycenter.net/)
-Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (Next year's date is 3/3-22/09)