Cruising Through Cincinnati - "The Queen City Song"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I knew I would find something cool in Cincinnati. I'm getting ready to start an engagement shoot in a few minutes but earlier today during lunch I did some location research. While looking around the area I heard a guy singing but I couldn't find him. All I saw was the Tiffany's store. I wrapped up my meal and started searching. That's when I met Sam. I did a 360 matrix move around him to get some shots. Then he gave me a copy of his self produced cd. The Queen City Song...




HennHouse said...

Cincinnati is a very cool city. We spent an entire week there last summer exploring all it has to offer.

clo said...

great composition Ross. I love the shots.

Have fun on the shoot!

Peace and Blessings!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Ross, very nice shots of the multi-talented dude! :-) Your engagement photos are beautiful as well. I hope you enjoyed yourself in the Queen City. Sorry to hear you missed your flight in the morning. :-( It was really a pleasure and a honor to meet you during you visit. God bless!