Coffee Shop Addict

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I totally love working at coffee shops. I've visited just about every one of them in the Metro Atlanta area. Call me a coffee shop addict. Now I'm on a mission to get some cool photos while working.

This first shot is me working in the background. See the Apple computer. I was pretty intent on an editing job. For this photo, I remote triggered my camera from a table across the room. You should have seen the people looking at me set this up. They eventually accepted me as weird and paid me no attention. Too funny!

The place was doing some renovations. I took this next photo on the way out. Couldn't resist. I had to leave because when the contractor started painting the smell made me feel like I was on another planet!

Blog you soon! I'm headed to Ohio...



Mac said...

hey ross wassup ? hope everything is well . jus giving u a shout ? enjoy ohio

Anonymous said...

i thought i was weird by myself...thanks for making me feel okay about getting strange looks when i take pictures of EVERYTHING too!

Natarsha said...

I love editing in coffee shops. I was just thinking the other day how I hope they never put a time limit on how long you can stay in

Deewonda said...

Ross, I feel ya, Boo!

I'm always in coffee shops photographing what I'm eating. I'll sit my coffee down beside a pastry with a bite out of it, a napkin, move them around so the lighting and shadows are just right, and CLICK! Each time I do this and look up, someone's staring at me like "....ok..." LOL!

Marcus Bland said...

...ok, that coffee shop looks interesting. Where is it? I want to check it out