Exploring With My 50mm

Sunday, September 28, 2008

(This post is dedicated to a good friend of mine. I know that she knows who she is.)

This has been a long week. One of the longest I can remember in a while. There's so much happening in the economy and in politics. We don't have gas near my house!!! Yesterday Bran and I attended a picnic for her postdoctoral program.

Brandi acting out Bambi (Charades - movie titles theme)

While she had people guessing
movie titles I decided to go off and explore the area around the park.

For fun, I took only one lens to document the journey - my 50mm. That lens is the first professional lens I was able to afford and remains a permanent fixture in my camera bag. I even store one of my cameras with it attached just in case...well you know...

The fence to get to the other side of the park was locked.

So I kept tugging all of the locks at each gate until...success at last...one of the locks opened!

I walked to the other side of the fence and continued to explore.

Soon I reached a path that led me to an adjacent neighborhood.

The thoughts started flowing.

As the seasons change, so do our lives. We all come in different shapes and sizes and colors - we have different backgrounds, are raised differently, and live in different longitudes and latitudes around the world, yet none of us are immune to how time and world events affect our lives.

I walked past leaves on the ground then suddenly looked up and caught one leaf in mid flight falling from a tree. I wanted to take the leaf with me to keep but on second thought I decided to open my hand and let it continue its individual plight. I photographed several of the leaves and thought about how each had so much character. The different leaves came from neighboring trees. Some tall, some small, some old, some young, some ailing, some healthy, but the leaves themselves all lay there together. A few alone but even more in clusters.

We as humans grow to see differences in our economic situation, the color of our skin, the education we receive, the challenges we conquer, the political parties we support, the ideals we subscribe to, the neighborhoods we live in, the healthcare we receive, and even the age bracket we represent....

But whether you have $1 in your pocket...

...or $100, there are more things that we have in common than you may think.

Take this week to think about what you have in common with your neighbors and how you might help someone through a difficult situation. Fill the void in their life with with love and encouragement.

To my good friend - I Love You and I know that you and your family will be alright.




Trice said...

I know that this blog wasn't for me. But it sure did help me today.


Troy said...

Yo man,
I dig the the outside in perspective you present in this post. I too have a friend going through a rough patch; so rough, that I am not sure that any words that I utter will make her feel any better. I just hope and pray that my presence and willingness to listen speaks to her in such a way that makes her know that she is loved and supported tremendously. Thanks man, and of course, sick images once again!

clo said...

Enough Said! Thanks Ross!

Natarsha said...

Everything is going to be alright! God has everything under control...

Deewonda said...

Ross, you don't know how on time your blog for me. Thanks!

OK, so like... I gotta ask...Were you running around pantless for those last shots? Creative license?

KNIGHT said...

Deitra - I knew someone would think I was missing my pants! I had some extra jeans in the car.


Darcita said...

I love reading this blog!!Please tell your friend, as God created each of these unique leaves, he uniquely knows and loves them too:)

eyesforyou said...

This was needed.......

Lisa M. McGainey said...

Whew, thanks for clearing that up Ross. I was getting a little worried.

It seems like everything hurts now. And it's truly important to reach out to our friends, family, and our neighbors if they are going through tough times. The key is to be a support to one another and keep our heads up. Stay focused and prayful. For all of us to hold on, help is soon on the way.

Thaks for this truly inspiring post. It has lifted my spirit.

Anonymous said...

Ross, where does Bran get her haircut? That cut is amazing. So well chiseled..