Timothy + Yvanka = Sunshine

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's the truth. Before the shoot we contemplated rescheduling because of the clouds and the drizzle. My favorite time to shoot is when it's cloudy out but I have learned not to mess with women and their hair when the humidity rises or rain clouds are visible.

We decided to give the shoot a "go" despite the weather. As soon as Tim and Yvanka stepped out of their vehicle and started smiling the clouds parted, the sky turned blue, and the sun started shining as if rain was not an option!

They must have a way with things just falling right into place. At least that's what I noticed during the shoot and while listening to the story of their first encounter. Tim and Yvanka met at the airport. I didn't quite figure out who made the first move but it was obvious from the magnetic energy between the two that standing in a line at the airport could have only lasted but for so long.

I know the Academy Awards came on Sunday but I would give an Oscar to these two any day. I gave them several scenarios to work with and the rest was history. No second takes and all improv. I loved it!! My first engagement shoot of the year and now 2008 is off to a great start!

Check out a few of the pictures below.




John "Kato" Akingbola AKA Mr.Sticks said...

Lovely photos! It sure tells a lot about the couple and the energy they both have! Good Job as always Mr. Ross!

KNIGHT said...

Thanks John. Great to hear from you this year. I'm looking forward to a blessed 2008! Stay in touch.


Unknown said...

Great shots. Beautiful couple. I love their expressions. Outstanding job as always!

See What Eye See Photography said...

Beautiful. The black and whites are always so timeless, classic, and captivating! You continue to inspire me.:D

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy the B/W pictures, Ross. Your workshop was great and I know your next workshop will be extrodinary!

Anonymous said...

Your shots of this couple captured their Love for one another and put an image to Chris Botti's song "If I Fall in Love it will be Forever!" Amazing Pictures!


Natarsha said...

I love these pictures. They are timeless. They look so in love. I admire your work.


Katrina...Shreveport, La. said...

Great Pics. My sister-in-law is very photogenic. I'm a videographer myself and I see things totally different from everyone else! Ross, continue to use your God-Given Talents!