The First Three!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are enjoying the day spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. We all have so much to be thankful for.

I thank God for my family! This Thanksgiving (Brandi and my 1st together) we are busy shooting.

Time sure does fly when you're growing up. Although I have five sisters and one brother, the elders siblings have a special bond because of course we were the first. Check out these old photos that I dug up from my stash!

I know you all remember dressing up for Easter. And yes, that is me on the left in a sailor outfit!??

My mom always had us coordinating to go to church. Who knew that the blue blazer would become a classic and bow ties would come back to be ultra hip?

In high school there was an article written on us titled "Sibling Rivalry." All I can say is, too many stripes for anyone to concentrate. I get dizzy just looking at this image. This picture was taken during our Tommy Hilfiger multi-color phase.

Last night my two older sisters dropped by the house before taking off for Thanksgiving. Sherrell (pictured below) is pregnant with her first child and my wife Brandi did a session with her. Looks like the Dr. Mrs. continues to improve her skills behind the camera because this shot is HOT!

After Brandi finished shooting, I set my makeshift studio up like a photo booth. I jumped in with my two sisters and we had fun making each other laugh just like old times. Ok, maybe I had the most fun as seen in the last shot!

I guess those annoying little brothers never go away. We just grow up and keep loving ya!



Unknown said...

Love the family bond! God Bless!

Mac said...

Hey Ross

Love the first photo of you and your sisters,Aww u guys were so cute . I LOVE Brandi maternity photo. Nice work .

Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Barbados.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Brandi did an EXCELLENT job!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so cute. That maternity pic is hot.Love it. Brandi doing her thing. You'll just love and enjoy each other and thats great.


smitty said...

Ross great're that DUDE! Gotta love family! God Bless!

Troy said...

Dude...the make shift photo booth is hot 2 def! Very cool images, bruh! And the throwback photos...well, I'll just leave it at 'Umm, umm, umm' with a head shake. You are a bad man for putting some of them joints up...! Go ROK! Peace and blessings to you and your fam throughout this holiday season!

Eliana@BYSE said...

I just love the family pics!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like pesky brothers!!! I wouldn't trade mine for the world.

Great job Brandi!!!

Lisa M. McGainey said...

Very nice. You're such a bully! LOL