Umair + Laika - Day Two (The Colorful Mendhi)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday night Brandi and I shot Day Two of the wedding - The Colorful Mendhi of Umair and Laika. A Mendhi party/celebration is similar to an American reception in concept.

The evening was a festive affair full of dancing, singing, and fellowship with both family and friends. Special performances were given by the siblings and cousins of the bride and groom. Earlier in the day Laika had mendhi applied to her hands and feet. It was beautifully done and only added to her appearance as she looked like a princess waiting to marry her prince.

Before the end of the night it seemed as if the entire room of guests were on the dance floor. The bride's mother and groom's father had remarkably great rhythm and moves! I'll have to admit that Brandi and I even cut a few dance breaks ourselves as we slid back and forth to get shots of the celebration.

Here's a few images below.




Anonymous said...

OMG....Ross these look beautiful. I am speachless!!! The colors look amazing and the shots are just amazing. You did an AWESOME job...I am glad that you and Brandi were part of our wedding and I think these pictures have made the whole wedding even more memorable.

G. Paras Photography and Stuff said...

Ross...those colors pop! These types of weddings you must capture just about everything in color...very nice job!

clo said...

I knew you would ROK this wedding because of all the colors. I know your adrenaline was on full blast. A photographers dream!!!

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

ross, it's all just gorgeous! the colors, the culture, and the companionship all so vibrant in these images you captured, and apparently in their hearts just the same. thanks. kp

Christopher said...

What I love about shooting Indian wedding is all of the color. And boy did you bring out the color. Very fun!

KNIGHT said...

Hey Christopher - It was a Pakistani Wedding. The colors are wonderful for both though!


Anonymous said...

When I was a Kid (at Eighteen) I waited tables for an exclusive country club.
I did my first Indian Wedding there.
The colors were rich and the food was fabulous.
Every since then I have always loved the culture.

Nik said...

I love that all of these pictures are in color. You really experience the beautiful colors of the culture.

Deewonda said...

Ross what an explosion of colors! I had to laugh at the two young men taking pictures with their cell phones!

If you put the slideshow up, I'd be curious to know what and where you find the music for it!

Natarsha said...

Wow! Stunning work! love it!

Lisa M. McGainey said...

I Love them all. They are so captivating. My first fav is the first one with the children- they looked so engrossed in whatever was happening. My second fav was the last one. I guess she's dancing with her father. But there's that crown of light over her head - did you? Amazing!

MacMarv said...

Haven't been by in a while but as usual, great work. The colors are amazing!!!!