Umair + Laika - Day One (Manyou)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This weekend Brandi and I shot the 3-day wedding festivities of Umair and Laika. Their engagement session was early last month. The wedding was incredibly colorful, eye-catching, emotional, entertaining, and fun. I personally had a phenomenal cultural learning experience as each day progressed.

Day One of the wedding was the Manyou where the bride and groom's friends and relatives sang accompanied by drum music. Henna was applied to many of the females hands to create intricate designs (even Brandi had her hands done!). The bride's family gave gifts of bangles and clothes. The food was absolutely out of this world delicious and I plan on having more soon thanks to Saima (the bride's older sister).

I've only included a few images from the first night because I am working on a slideshow of the three days.





Anonymous said...

These pictures are simply beautiful, You captured the essence of this beautiful wedding in stills that will last forever...........with intricate planning came intricate details all captured by your lens.


Simi said...

Great set of photos Ross! I really like what you have done here tell the story and makes me feel like I was there with the way you took the shots. Nicely done!

Mac said...

The wedding is so colourful i love it . And the Henna designs i saw on some of the ladies hands were magnificent . Very Beautiful .

The Inner Child said...

Oh! What a lovely dream! Amazing party. Wish I could be there.

Best wishes for you.


E.Payne said...

These photos are so HOT! It must've been so great to see this first hand. This truly is a blessing to do what you do, man! Cherish it.

Natarsha said...


Anonymous said...

Bautiful pics as usual!!