Picking Neckties and Picking Interns

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday night I judged a talent competition and I felt a little weird having to rate the contestants as they performed their talents and answered questions. Anyways, all went well and by the middle of the evening I had things under control. During the formal portion I was reminded of how many neckties I went through before selecting one to wear to the event. I've built a decent collection over the last few years but some of them need to be updated (width-wise) to 2011 fashion standards.

Although I'm considering narrowing my ties, to the contrary I'm expanding our team for the summer with an intern. This week I have to review the applications in detail. Just like my ties and the talent competition contestants, we have a diverse and lively group from which to choose. I wish I could invite all the potential interns to Atlanta for the Summer but I just don't have the space or time. Its going to be a hard decision from the experience and drive that I have read about thus far on paper. Wish me luck, we'll be welcoming a bright future star soon!!