Simply Time to DIY by Ross Oscar Knight: Episode #1

Friday, April 8, 2011

Image above courtesy Reshma Jae - KIS (cubed) intern

I had a delightful meeting this morning with Nirjary and Reshma of KIS (cubed) Events. We are planning a spectacular daylong shoot about 30 miles outside of Atlanta. When I am working on shoot ideas I always like to make a sketch of some sort. For the record, I can't draw. Instead of just receiving a storyboard from the production staff, I like to visit the location for a lighting check and then draw out a few of my own ideas. Next up is to translate the ideas to photographs. Of course different ideas pop into my head the moment I start shooting but the afore mentioned process helps me to be prepared for the unimaginable. Its quite different photographing a staged shoot with a creative director vs. capturing the raw emotion of a wedding day. Fashion photography is not my forte but I enjoy expanding my skills with shoots like this.

When props or camera accessories are just too expensive, I'm all about the DIY method. Yvonne and I are already busy building what we need for the six sets. In a post next week, hopefully I will show you the result of our project(s).

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Anonymous said...

WOW I can't wait to see the results. I always say you can never go too far with creativity. I bet it will be AWESOME. You're a pretty innovative photographer. So refreshing.

1i_Studios said...

Love the new blog look, Ross. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the shoot!

Saadia Me*Chel said...

I'm interested to see the finished product. Let me know if you need any help too. I can lend a hand or two ;-)