A Sense of Purpose

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I struggle with the concept of purpose even though I know the exact reason I was placed on this earth. Often times I can feel like I am not making a difference. I was talking to my wife over dinner and she really helped me to think about my past experiences and what I have learned up until this point. When I came home I started reading a past daily word email from Joel and Victoria Olstein that brought my sense of purpose back into perspective. I am living my dream and I want to continue being a Dream Releaser. I hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria (3/31/2011)

Think about the people God has placed in your life. They’re not there by accident. God brings people to you for a purpose. We should live with this awareness that, “I am here to add value to people. I am here to help them succeed.” Don’t go around always thinking, “I wonder what that person can do for me. I wonder what they have to offer.” No, we should have the attitude, “What can I do for them? How can I help them come up higher? Can I teach them something I know? Can I connect them with someone who can help them?” Don’t make the mistake of going through life ingrown. Instead, be a dream releaser. Use your talent, your influence and your experience, not just to accomplish your goals, but to help release a dream in someone else.

Remember, there is nothing more rewarding than to lay down at night knowing that you helped someone else become better. You not only fulfilled your purpose for that day, you did your best. It may have just been a two-minute phone call where you encouraged someone; but when you live as a dream releaser, you’ll see your own dreams come alive as well!


“Be devoted to one another in love...”
(Romans 12:10, NIV)


Father in heaven, thank You for equipping me to be a blessing to others. Show me ways to be a dream releaser and help others to rise up higher. Help me to use my influence to encourage others and honor You always. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

— Joel & Victoria Osteen



Xiomara said...

Thank You Ross!! I needed to read that again!! I appreciate you for your words and your work!! You inspire me to be a better photographer!!

Unknown said...

WOW, I just read this same email/Word yesterday. Powerful stuff.

1i_Studios said...

Amen, Brother Ross! I am glad you and Brandi are "in my life". You have added to my life through your blog, through your images and having the opportunity to meet you face to face. Your images inspire me and you are wise beyond your years. Thank you!


Darcita said...

Thanks for ur encouragement.. I needed this today.

Kustom Kreations by Elisha Akram said...

Thank you for this post! It was so uplifting. Thanks for inspiring us through your journey!

Tutu said...

Your life inspires me to believe in the impossible. Through you I see what is possible when we believe in God and follow his direction for my life.

Fotos by Fola said...

I just randomly linked up to your blog. I've heard of you and even have friends that are your friends so it seems like i know you. What's more interesting is i read Joel and Victoria's daily word everyday. My wife and i use it for our daily prayers and its been a blessing in our lives. Keep on doing what you do as you are an inspiration to many people and photographers including me!

Petronella said...

You are making a DIFFERENCE! Your workshop is phenomenal and the insights you share are inspiring & honest. One key takeaway I had is to be yourself and let that shine through in e-v-e-r-y-thing you do & you're one of a very few who is willing to share the ins & outs of photography. Thank you!