Update: Studio Session with designer Erica Angeline

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The photoshoot went very well today. I did a four light setup. The original location was supposed to be outdoors in downtown Decatur but since the forecast called for rain I decided it was best to move inside. Below is one of the favorite shots of both Erica and I. Cheers to Destiny (model) that I first met at the Munaluchi Bridal Magazine event a couple of weeks ago. She was a good sport and was very patient even when she was dodging non-sandbagged lights!

Today Yvonne and I prepped for a shoot with Erica Angeline. Erica has a new magazine ad coming out next month and we're delighted that she selected us to be the photographers. The forecast tomorrow is for rain so I went into my basement and dug out the seamless rolls of paper. I'll update this post with the final images. Stay dry tomorrow!



1i_Studios said...

She looks STUNNING! I love the detail in the dress...excellent as usual!

Monica Simone said...

Ross Oscar Knight - High Fashion Photographer. Hmmm, that's got a ring to it! Great work Ross!

. said...

I love your work as always. The details in the dress is awesome!!!!

A Special Occasion, LLC said...

You had a beautiful model.