Midsummer KNIGHT's Dream: NOUVEAU Feature Article

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Simply put, editor Fri Bailey of NOUVEAU Magazine just "gets the big picture." Her magazine is breathing my dream into existence. For the anniversary issue, Fri asked me to share some of my favorite images as well as intimate details about why I Dream in Culture! I talked about my struggle as a child and my rearing in church as well as my dream dinner date. Read the full article on page 28-29 and 104-105 by clicking here.



Amanda said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart and your faith.

Petronella said...

Congrats Ross! Loved reading your story.

Kimberly Murray said...

I would love to be at a dinner with Ellen; good times for sure! The magazine did a great job of potraying your vision both through words and images.