Blog Reader Spotlight - Anonymous

Sunday, July 6, 2008

So many of you comment on the blog daily and I am not always able to keep up with responding directly. I do, however, read and publish each comment myself and I am blessed every time I hear from you. More of my inspiration this morning comes from an anonymous reader that was moved to write after viewing one of my images. I have posted the writing below.

This moment

creates eternity


in peace and love

it has transformed us into a

silent eloquence that no

one can deny

Embraced by the sun

the softness of your touch has

illuminated the solstice of my

heart leaving it with an eternal flame of one

soft simple kiss from you

Through your camera's lens

and the couples' hearts I was moved to render these words

Peace and Blessings!

- Anonymous



Arlene Hope Photography said...

That was quite lovely.

Anonymous said...

Two soul snaps, up High!

Lisa M. McGainey said...

Hey, I love this.... amazing..