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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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I had the longest blog entry for you to read and after I finished typing it I erased the whole thing. I decided to keep it (at least most of it) to myself on this evening. This picture in itself says a million words!!!

I took this picture last year in October. My subject was gazing at his father. I saw him looking for approval, guidance, answers, safety, love, direction, forgiveness, encouragement, strength, peace, patience, long-suffering....

In the background is my subject's sister wearing pink tights! Cute and annoying at the same time, right? If you want to critique this photo you may tell me that I ruined my composition by forgetting to remove the additional color contrast. But let's not get too technical.

What can we learn from this picture?

Although our siblings - or let's say our spiritual brothers and sisters - are always near, they can sometimes be distracting from our true form of worship. It is a blessing to fellowship and find strength in numbers, however, there are times when we get caught looking to others for the answers that we need to seek directly from above.

I thought of this as I squinted through my camera lens nine months ago and I am now reminded of my time for intercession with the true leader of my life.


- rk


still waters said...

Ever since I saw the Gray wedding proposal two days ago I been taking time to read your blog and of course look at the (take my breath away) photographs.... I must say that your gift for capturing images through the lense of a camera also extend to the gift of writing, this blog entry is profound thank you so much for sharing!

one love still

amy said...

if i ever have a special day i will send for you signing off as


Waneque' Amen-a Christmon said...

I understand what you are saying. I have in my life been able to always talk to my mom about everything to seek guidance from her about all subjects I face.

It wasnt until I went off to school and couldnt call her every five minutes to say mom give me the direction of how to handle this or that, that I realized that though my realtionship with her is amazing it could also be a disenabling me from getting closer to God.

I sought her advice first always and she always sought God for me. Its sounds weird but thats how it was. In many ways it was like the Old Testament. Now I see I can get the same attentive and wise responses from God by going directly to Him instead of through my mother.

Man I am so long winded.

Anonymous said...

I pray that God hands continue to touch and inspire you to show the beauty of his work in pictures. With that being shared, with your critique of the photo, I believe in this day and age with the many distractions in our lives, i.e. pink tights (a.k.a Podding, texting, mailing, without the use of postage stamps.....) we can STILL focus on God and see the beauty of his creation. Ain't that good news.

I was captivated by the piercing eyes, looking yonder, which gazed in wonder: Most likely how God children looks upon him.

Be Blessed Always, sc

Brittney said...

That was really touching. I appreciate your thoughts, thanks for sharing!

By the way, I've been immensely enjoying your photography... Wow! It's incredible!

Renee said...

I am so glad that found your site and now your blog. I really needed the message . Look to God for the answers. Thanks again . God Bless!

Chari said...

Great post!