A Day With Dazia

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Before I left for D.C. this past weekend I had a photo session with the adorable 6-year-old Ms. Dazia. Her mother warned me that this little lady loves to watch the popular modeling programs on t.v. So after the two of us chased birds around the park for a while, we got down to business. We distanced ourselves from mom (Neri) by running to the other side of the park. Dazia follows directions very well and can imitate the countenance of many professional models at the snap of a shutter. See for yourself! No telling how far she will go.

She is my first client to be photographed in the "KNIGHT Chair That Will Make History."

Dazia, I had a great time at our photo shoot and I am looking forward to photographing your parent's wedding later this summer. Have fun during your school break and see you soon.




Teka-Ann Haynes said...

She is no joke. 6? U guys sure? LOL. She has it. Lovely pics. These may the first set in her portfolio. Dont be surprised if ten years from now you see these pics on tv telling her modeling/photogenic-since-I-was-very-young story.

The chair - you brought the chair to DC? Come one Ross, tell me more about this chair. I wanna think photoshop, but hmmmmmmmmm. I dont.

On another note, 'history with Dazia' surely seems likely. How amazing that will be ten years from now with these pics and this chair and the supermodel.

Anonymous said...

I love the first shot. Looks like a painting.

Anonymous said...

Awe Charles she is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

There is pure power in her eyes...the camera has captured the essence of innocence and passion for life and youthfulness. She is truly a bud blossoming into a beautiful flower....Beautiful job Mr. Knight.

MunchYz.S.I.C said...

Dazia and the oh so famous chair are doing it big....beautiful as always!!!

Anonymous said...

Dazia! I love these pictures! "....nananananana nanananana, you want to be on top?" she looks so cute! Neri where are her cowboy boots? You know those are my favorite!!!!