Touchdown in the Caribbean

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We touched down in the Caribbean yesterday! We're shooting a wedding here this Friday. Wedding season is officially in full swing. After my luggage was mistakenly taken by another passenger and then returned a few hours later all is well again in the KNIGHT world. I took a few shots with the point and shoot.

Enjoy your week and if you need any assistance Anna Beth is in the office:




Anonymous said...

ross! greetings from my desk -
thanks for the vacation through your lens!

have fun in the sun and safe travels!

Anonymous said...

That's a cute tanktop that Dr. Mrs. Knight is wearing!

Have a great time in the Caribbean!

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Awwwwwwww. Lovely pics of the lovely Caribbean. Now Im home sick all over again. U and Brandi enjoy it for me and Gyasi. Eat up all the good Caribbean food, but I dont want to hear about it. LOL. Enjoy the wonderful Caribbean Sea, but I dont want to hear about it. Be entertained by the real-deal Caribbean entertainers, but I dont want to hear about it. And finally, be spoiled by the Caribbean hospitality, BUT I DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ITTTTTTTTTTT. lol. I miss home. Which island are you on? Ok, Ok, I want to hear about it. LOL. Be safe and cant wait to see the pics.

Anonymous said...

Ross and Mrs, you both do a magical job with your lens. You are both booked for my wedding in Nigeria, now i just have to find the man!

Keep it up!

Pru said...

So this is what you can do with a point and shoot? Wow!

Enjoy and send lots of pics back of that island. Maybe, I can have a vacation through your lens.

Anonymous said...

Ross, looks like you and the Mrs. are where I was a couple weeks ago. St. Maarten or St. Thomas, I can't remember where I was with those colorful condos in the background. Anywho, enjoy and you know I'm looking forward to your images.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Looks like a beautiful place. Good luck Fri... Gavin Seim

Natarsha said...

Yes, I am definitely putting this on my list of places to go...That orange juice looks so good or maybe I am just thirsty and my fav is the parrot in the tree, so colorful and cute!