Dancing, Dancing, Dancing - They Are Dancing Machines

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have you ever been to a wedding where the entire room gets up and runs to the dance floor all at once? I mean everybody and their mothers and kids. I was shooting on the dance floor at this wedding when I almost got trampled!!! Thinking quickly, I clawed my way out of the celebration circle and grabbed an open chair. No way was I going to miss this action. The legs on the chair were shaky but luckily when I glanced down the wedding planner was holding me steady. Gotta love an observant planner that looks out for your safety.

I took a few shots at full flash but then I decided to create this motion shot which really gives you insight into the ambiance and true lighting of the room. I think I will get this shot enlarged for the office!

Bonus points for anyone that can pick out the bride, groom, videographer, and my second shooter (Cliff)!



Naijadiva said...

Hard to tell, but maybe the bride and groom are in the middle.. but the bride is not totally in view because she is being "dipped" backwards?

I wonder what song was playing that got everyone to the dance floor.

Troy said...

Hey man,
I'll take a stab at it....the groom is in the center of the image, bride is in front of him with back to your camera, videographer is holding the camera with the light atop behind the groom and Cliff is in the bottom right corner of the image (the bald head).

Mac said...

Nice shot ross
the second shooter is the right of the photo .
the groom is the guy here in straight ahead n focus.
the bride is right behind him
the videogrpher s not to far from the second shooter i am guessing it looks so to me.

KNIGHT said...

Close Mac. You got the groom right but missed the others. The videographer is close to where you think he is.

KNIGHT said...

Troy - you got it all correct except for Cliff.


phillygirl16 said...

Is Cliff under the picture on the left? Or is that him out there dancing with everyone else?

Dontay's Wife said...

one question?? what song was this that had everyone get up and dance?

the groom is directly in focus, the bride is on his right hand side
the vidoegrapher is straigh ahead to the light?? I am not exatly sure where the second photographer is, but i will guess that he may be over near the videographer.

Mary (Adeeba) said...

Your second shooter should be the guy all the way in the back of the crowd using that "second flash"


Anonymous said...

what song did everyone rush to the floor?

KNIGHT said...

Sonia - Cliff is not out there dancing.


KNIGHT said...

Dontay's wife - you've missed some. I will post the answers soon.


KNIGHT said...

Mary - the guy with the flash is the videographer. He had a light on his camera.


Angelique said...

Hi Ross, here's my guess for Cliff...look all the way on the right near the upper portion of the pic, there is a greenish light on wall...I think I see what looks like a camera which is above where the person wearing a watch is clapping their hands over their head. I think Cliff is right there in the mix. Am I close? :-)

Mac said...

Hey ross i keep looking back at this pick to see if i could pick out Cliff still can't find him. Could you reveal his secret hiding place